Eco-Friendly cards

Professionally printed in the UK on high-quality 350gsm recycled post-consumer waste white card, with recycled kraft envelopes. All designs are hand-drawn by Jennifer May Mottram.

How are our cards eco-friendly?

First of all, we do not drop-ship our cards. All Avery and Bear branded cards have been illustrated and printed in the UK and are in stock, ready to ship.

The card is entirely plastic-free and is made using 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

The recycled 350gsm card is an uncoated, silky smooth stock made using 100% recycled post-consumer waste, leading to varied speckling in the finished sheet adding character to the cards.

The card is FSC Certified, and every card you buy from the Avery and Bear collection helps fund the woodland trust's fantastic efforts in protecting and creating our beautiful native woodlands.

They are all sent out with a recycled kraft paper envelope and no plastic in the packaging. All cards come in a biodegradable sleeve, but we can leave this out if requested.

Most of the images on the cards are designed to be kept as mini artwork, which you can frame or use in your own craft projects.

We also sell cards from other independent artists who share the same values. Please ask for more information on each supplier.

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French Chic home where, hand made with 100% french Linen. High quality homeware.

Charming French Accessories

Our homeware now includes the Le Pompon collection, full of soft and pastel tones, sophisticated and delicate patterns combined with bold shapes.
Contemporary hand-drawn or painted shapes are inspired by vintage french patterns, lace and embroidery. All these forgotten authentic materials have been brought back to life by redrawing, reinterpreting and reinventing them with various forms and technics, producing a range of products for home decor and accessories.

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About Avery and Bear

Avery and Bear's main aim is to provide a small range of eco-conscious products with ethical designs. We will never copy other designers work; we always reference other artists photography if it's featured in our blogs, social media or website.

The fabrics used in the products are carefully chosen and printed through a water-free manufacturing and printing process; all the inks are eco-friendly.

The product designs are kept minimal to ensure we can keep to Zero waste aim.

Many of our designs are hand-carved, hand-printed or in some way handcrafted. A great deal of care is taken at every stage of production. From ensuring our designs are original to the packaging we use. It doesn't make any sense to deliver eco-friendly products wrapped in plastic. That's why we don't!

Any products that are outsourced are from other small companies that hold the same ethical values.

Our products are posted to you with NO PLASTIC and with minimal packaging.