Internation Womens Day!

International Women's Day 2022

The 8th of March is officially recognised as International Women's Day. The day is a festival of the extensive achievements of women and a call to action to progress gender parity. But, did you know that the official colour of the day is purple? So why not pop on your favourite purple piece and get ready to celebrate all the amazing women in your world.

Don't forget to Celebrate Yourself.

Start right and do something kind for yourself. You may have a busy afternoon of the usual chores that come with life, but why not give yourself the afternoon off, buy an easy cook a meal or the opposite if you LOVE cooking and go all out for yourself. 
Watch the TV you see as a guilty please or turn off and read a book, do something for yourself. 

Girl reading

I get not everyone has the luxury of turning life off, even for half an hour, so, instead, involve those responsibilities.. still need to go to work? Get a super delicious cake or coffee to take with you; still, need to look after the kids? Why not have a mini party to help wear them out and make super cute, fun memories. 
Here are some free downloads to print off to put on every surface you look at during the day to help you remember that you are fudging fantastic. 
Visit a local gallery or museum. Or, visit a bookshop or library and get your hands on a new read by a female author.
Here are some recommendations that I have read and loved: 

Send a Positive Text.

Why not send some little pick-me-up or affirmation text messages? 
It's so great to receive kind words, it lifts your mood, and this is one of many excuses to remind the women in your life how much they mean. 

Educate Yourself.

Today is a great day to learn about women who've done incredible things in the pursuit of equal rights for women. So grab a book, read some blogs or watch a documentary.

Make a Donation.

Donate time or money to a women's charity. Donate what you can. Even a seemingly minor contribution can have a big impact.

Spread the Word

Post on social media or your blog about what this day means to you and start a meaningful conversation online.
With 24 hours reserved to celebrating inspiring women, you've got a bunch of time to sprinkle kindness around like confetti.

Happy International Women's Day!

Celebrate Women

Top image -  Photo by Becca Tapert 

Second images Photo by Fabiola Peñalba 


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