Female form art - boob pots

Boob pots are here to stay

We have new stock coming...

The wonderful Ceranicists at BoobieBu are currently working on a range of pots and vases for us, and if you haven't already worked it out from the name of their business, they are beautifully boobie.

boob pot - female form art

Female form ceramic collection celebrates female growth and empowerment.
Each piece is a hand-crafted design is made from high-quality ceramic and glaze.
The pots are wheel-thrown... which, if you have ever tried, is crazy HARD, so the team at BoobiBu have skills.

They are kiln-fired with a range of beautiful glazes.
We have hand-selected a range of colours from soft green to a deep speckled terracotta.

Because we have chosen ceramic pots, they will hold water, meaning you use them to hold fresh flowers, plants, candle holders or anything you bloody well like; they are incredibly versatile.

This is a vase that truly promotes the power of the female form.