Eco Friendly Birthday gifts

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Gifts That Everyone (and the Planet) Will Love.

I love shopping for others, and I put a lot of effort into getting the perfect gift; when it comes to buying the perfect present, you might be on the lookout for "unique" or "practical", but you should also consider "eco-friendly"? 

Think about being kinder to the environment and purchasing some eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones. Not only will they appreciate it, but the earth will too.

So to start, what does "eco-friendly" really mean? 

We hear more and more the terms "environmentally-friendly," "green", and "earth-friendly" — but when shopping, I prefer the word "sustainable," which means that there is at least one specific way that the product benefits the environment in the long run. 

And so, I have compiled a list of products that have at least one sustainable attribute (if not more!)

1, Cheese and Cracker Sensory Toy

Everyone knows how kids love to mimic adults, and this sensory toy is a charming way to get the youngest in the family involved when it's coffee o'clock.

2, Personalised Portrait

A personalised watercolour sketch is based on a favourite photograph, hand-drawn by artists in Staffordshire. A unique keepsake for celebrating those moments between special friends or family.

3, Handmade, hand-painted, blue evil eye flower pot

If you know someone going through a particularly bad patch in their lives, you may want to offer this hand-painted pot featuring the evil eye, which offers protection. 

Placing the Evil eye on the shelf or hanging it as a decorative will help transform all the evil eyes into a neutral or positive one.

4, Heating Pad Point d'Esprit

The perfect gift for anyone sensitive to the cold and those who are subject to muscle tension. It also has a removable and washable outer linen cover. 

5, Handprinted Art-work


The best thing about handprinted artwork is that each one is different; they have slightly different pressure, or the texture of the paper shows in a somewhat different way.

And don't forget about the greeting cards.

 All cards have been illustrated and printed in the UK and are in stock, ready to ship.

The card is entirely plastic-free and is made using 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

The recycled 350gsm card is an uncoated, silky smooth stock made using 100% recycled post-consumer waste, leading to varied speckling in the finished sheet adding character to the cards.

The card is FSC Certified, and every card you buy from this collection helps fund the woodland trust's fantastic efforts in protecting and creating our beautiful native woodlands.

They are all sent out with a recycled kraft paper envelope and no plastic in the packaging. All cards come in a biodegradable sleeve, but we can leave this out if requested.

Most of the images on the cards are designed to be kept as mini artwork, which you can frame or use in your own craft projects.

 My personal favourite is this lovley Lurcher card, which is based on my own dog, Blue.