How to fill that empty wall?

How to fill that empty wall?

It sometimes feels like a chore to find quirky art to adorn your bare white walls while simultaneously trying not to stress over spending too much money or wasted time trying to find the "perfect" items.

I love discovering new artists and adding to my selection of artwork and I'm a firm believer that your living space impacts your mood and outlook on life. So even if you don't want to spend the time and energy fully kitting out your home, I think it's essential to keep it light and clean as the space around you is a significant contributor to your mood.

How you personally pick your artwork depends on how you see your home. Is it your sanctuary, or is it often used for hosting and entertainment?
You may want more expressive, even emotional art, or you may want a bold statement piece.

Putting together a gallery wall
Finding art is usually a gradual process. You may come across some stunning new prints online or spot something while I'm out and about or at an event, but generally, it takes me a while to assemble them and start to hand them in my home.
Selecting art doesn't need to be a rushed activity; taking your time picking pieces that feel just right will relieve some of that pressure!

Find the artwork you love and use the colours from that piece to inform the rest of the surrounding area.
Most people think they should hang art on the most obvious walls, but why not explore the places your eyes don't gravitate to right away.

I think art is so awesome in the way it can instantly shape the mood of a space, and if you incorporate meaningful or sentimental pieces, they will add personality to your rooms. Feature art that's reminiscent of a memorable trip or occasion to bring you joy on a day-to-day basis, and it's also an automatic conversation piece.

How to do a gallery wall at home

I think it's good to shake things up and move items about in your area every once in a while to help you feel refreshed. However, that doesn't have to mean throwing everything out and starting anew; I think simply rejigging your decor can do a lot!

Our styles are constantly changing over time, and remember, you can never have too much art; you can find someplace to put it, so don't let a lack of space stop you if you spot a must-buy piece!