Riso print wall art

Injecting some serious colour into the product range.

We are now stocking a range of Louise Lockhart artwork.
We have a small selection of cards, prints and wall art to choose from, and no doubt we will extend this collection soon.

The prints include everyday items, celebrating the objects we use daily without considering the often fantastic design or greater concept. These objects are often deceptively simple in design, but they are amplified by using a two-colour Riso Print process.
The choice of colour is charming and effortless.

The cards fold out in a concertina fashion to show the full image. They are perfect for any couple you know to help them celebrate engagements, buying a house, weddings and engagements.
The colours are incredible.
They are printed on a high-quality thick card (made from sustainable paper stock), the card stands firm and holds its shape.

The complete Louise Lockhart is designed and made in the UK using sustainable materials.

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