NEW PRODUCT - Reversible Crowns

NEW PRODUCT - Reversible Crowns

Handmade crown - Avery and Bear
We will have various designs on the website to choose from.

They are made from GOTs certified organic fabric with exclusive designs and sewn with raw unbleached cotton. ⁠We keep the design simple and zero waste.

We use sewing clips, not pins, to hold the fabric while being sewn, so there is no risk of any needles being left in the product. ⁠In addition, we thoroughly inspect every Crown before they are shipped.⁠

The standard design is a tie back so that it can fit any size. Please ensure children are watched while wearing the crowns due to any rick of the ties.
We can adapt the crowns to a clip back if you prefer; drop us an email to request.
We will be offering them as a second option as standard very soon.

Perfect for dress-up, birthdays, parties, special occasions or as an everyday accessory. It is comfortable enough to be worn all day.

When each Crown is sent out, it will be either wrapped in recycled unbleached tissue paper or a biodegradable plastic (drop us a message if you have a preference). They are then put into a large card envelope.