Christmas is coming, and so is the barrage of decorations, gifts and packaging that make Christmas the worst offenders for piling up single-use plastic.
But you can make small changes to help stop this without missing out on any Christmas traditions.


christmas stockings   

Sustainable Fabric stockings and how to fill them.

First of all, stop buying massive stockings, haven't you heard that the best things come in small packages?

Forget the plastic-wrapped chocolate, plastic toys and plastic bottles of bubble bath; instead, opt for homemade cookies (wrapped in paper), wooden toys and keepsakes and even (homemade?) vouchers that can be used later in the year. 

Shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes or wax wraps that fit so well in stockings. Stock up on items that could make everyday life that little bit more planet-friendly.

Yes, ok, I know what you're thinking; toothbrushes aren't the most exciting for kids, but maybe locally made bath bombs instead?

 give the gift of time

Give the gift of time.

As mentioned as a stocking filler, why not give vouchers for time to spend together in the next year to come. Giving the gift of time is a beautiful way to show someone you care without needlessly spending money on things they may forget about within the year.

Make some homemade vouchers that show them you know what they love and how you want to be a part of that, too.

Ideas could include movie nights, a secret adventure day or perhaps a meal out, prepared by yours truly.

An excellent idea for kids is "ice cream after school" or "extra screen time" vouchers they can cash in. 

 support small businesses

Shop local, shop small. 

Yes, supporting our local independent businesses is increasingly important as global shopping giants undermine and threaten them.
Something to think about is how eco-friendly the small businesses are?
There has been a surge in small businesses, WHICH IS AWESOME. With all that spare time during the lockdown and Facebook making setting up a shop so much easier, there are more small businesses.
But just because it's a kitchen-based business doesn't mean it's good for the planet.
Many of these small businesses use big businesses for their stock and resell them with a bit of glitter.
As a consumer, you should ask questions such as where did you source the material? And what will it be packaged in when it's shipped?
Be willing to pay that little more to encourage small businesses to stock more sustainably.

Homemade gifts  

Put your talents to good use.                                  

Can you bake? Paint or a dab hand at woodwork? There's no better time to get crafting. It doesn't have to be perfect; whatever you make, the time you spend will be appreciated.

 Eco gift wrapping

The eco-friendly way to wrap your gifts.

It's easy to overlook the impact of what we're wrapping our gifts in – and what happens to it after the big day.

First things first, if you are wrapping with paper, ditch the Sellotape and grab yourself some eco-friendly paper tape and warp with recyclable brown paper; it'll look much classier, especially if you add a spring of holly with cute ribbon. 

The ribbon can be made from scrap fabric; I personally love the frayed edges.


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